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Annette Kowarin

International Board Certified Latcation Consultant (IBCLC)

I'm Annette Kowarin, wife, mother to three adult children, grandmother to two grandchildren, and public health advisor. 

I began my career in 1981 as an enrolled nurse, progressing through my nursing career to become a registered general nurse, sick children's nurse, specialist public health practitioner, health visitor, lactation consultant before becoming a manager of the community breastfeeding team.

I have experience in tongue tie assessment using several tools. Tongue-tie was a complimentary service to the community breastfeeding team whilst I managed it. 

I have a passion for working with families to ensure the feeding journey is as pleasurable as possible. I believe in the importance of good support in the early days following birth in order to address any challenges that occur to give mothers the knowledge and skills to achieve their breastfeeding goals. 

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